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What Selby’s food say about Ya Udah Bistro.

Ya Udah-Bistro

Last Friday, I went together with my colleagues for a dinner. One of them suggested “Ya Udah Bistro” which located in Central of Jakarta.

When we arrived around 5.30 pm, there were already several customers having their meals and most of them were expatriates. I was quite surprised that with the hot climate in Jakarta this Bistro has no air-conditioner at all.

The Roast Chicken is my favorite dish here, but we had to wait for 1 1/2 hours until the Roast Chicken was ready out of the grill. Anyway, it’s worthed 😉 Later on, I was informed that in case, we don’t want to wait for the Roast Chicken, we can pre-order it by phone first.

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David Jardine Blog about Ya Udah Bistro.

In common with most people I had long thought it impossible to turn a silk purse into a sow’s ear. Now I know otherwise. When the peerless Jalan Jaksa emporium ‘Ya-Udah Bistro’ closed its doors last weekend that was bad enough but the scuttlebutt now has it* that the premises will become a…karaoke bar! Pass the spittoon, would you!

I was the very first customer through the gate just under seven years ago and the last one out. I can safely say I have been its most frequent visitor, even allowing for four months medical treatment in the UK three and a bit years ago. That, I think, qualifies me to make a few comments.

Owner  is a Swiss from Zurich in which city he once ran a British-style pub. He once also worked for Swissair. He knows all about catering, a field in which the Swiss excel and down the years it showed.

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