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On 25th November 2016


For several decades Yaudah Bistro has taken pride in offering rich, authentic European and Asian dishes and drink, at prices so reasonable we are consistently recommended by various backpackers’ travel guides (such as Lonely Planet).

By operating in a simple, open-air environment we have also been able to maintain our pricing structure – but now reality intervenes, and Yaudah Bistro must regretfully announce adjustments to a range of delicacies on our menu.

Everything is becoming more expensive, in spite of what we are told by ‘official sources’. In order to provide authentic European fare we import many of our basic ingredients. Well, in mid-2015 import tariffs for various items shot up: meat went from 5 to 30 percent; imported coffees / teas from 5 to 20 percent, and alcoholic beverages as much as 150 percent!

Electricity, wages, rent and other factors are also under steady inflationary pressure, involving a considerable cash outlay each month. Inflation is a lot higher than officially recognized.

It's like the scene in the Mel Brooks movie ‘To be or not to be’, where one actor says: ‘The Ministry of Information says......’ to which Frederick Bronsky replies ‘Ohh, that's Politics, that's their business; we are in the Theater: that's our business!’

The Ministry of Information assures us that ‘Food prices are stable’. Meanwhile, Ya Udah says ‘They live in the world of politics – that's their business. We live in the real world, unfortunately.’


You may recall that Ya Udah Bistro has traditionally offered free refills on coffee and tea. Alas, some ‘creative patrons’ have abused this complementary offer: four or five guests at the same table will order one cup of tea, then share it among themselves – and then demand endless free refills. This is not in the spirit of our offer so from now on we regret to say ‘No more freebies’ on the drinks.

We continue to welcome the loyal public patronage we are famed for, maintaining our noted quality and reliable hygiene, with friendly service and a charming ambience for all.

Jakarta's Historical Eatery,
where respectable people congregate.

Serving since 2001

Welcome to Ya-Udah,
the website highlighting the famed Jakarta landmark where we gather to enjoy fine European / Asian food, good drink (strong and otherwise), a classic indoor / outdoor dining style and one another’s pleasant company.

The principal intention of the website is to introduce, inform, amuse and interest those looking for good eats at the right price in the classic Menteng area, and to welcome our legions of old friends, whose support and patronage has sustained Ya-Udah over the decades.

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In Vino Veritas

To pose our readers a rhetorical question... Where else in Jakarta Can you enjoy a pleasant glass of house wine In a pleasant indoor / outdoor environment For forty-five thousand Rupiah?? 

Ya-Udah is one of a kind. So come by and sit down with us. Raise a glass or three of our plonk, to toast whomever you feel like toasting. Our humble but tasty house wine won’t kill you – as a matter of fact it might even sterilize your inner organs (always a matter of concern in polluted Jakarta).

Ah, the internet!!

When it began, as an American defense strategy to enable communications during nuclear attack, no one could have imagined it would have blossomed in so many forms, with such perfume and gorgeous delicacy.

...... Anyway, .........

Welcome to Ya Udah Bistro.