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A Historical Eatery,
where respectable people congregate.

Serving since 2001

Welcome to Ya-Udah,
the website highlighting the famed Jakarta landmark where we gather to enjoy fine European / Asian food, good drink (strong and otherwise), a classic indoor / outdoor dining style and one another’s pleasant company.

The principal intention of the website is to introduce, inform, amuse and interest those looking for good eats at the right price in the classic Menteng area, and to welcome our legions of old friends, whose support and patronage has sustained Ya-Udah over the decades.

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In Vino Veritas

To pose our readers a rhetorical question... Where else Can you enjoy a pleasant glass of house wine In a pleasant indoor/outdoor environment For seventy-two thousand Rupiah?? 

Ya-Udah is one of a kind. So come by and sit down with us. Raise a glass or three of our plonk, to toast whomever you feel like toasting. Our humble but tasty house wine won’t kill you – as a matter of fact it might even sterilize your inner organs (always a matter of concern in polluted Jakarta).

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