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Hygiene Über Alles!

First-time visitors to Ya-Udah will often wonder at the “United Nations” of patrons they see enjoying themselves: rotund German expatriates stuffing themselves with sausage, miserly British or European backpackers in short pants, waving city maps and looking bemused, elderly Indonesian Menteng neighbours enjoying food reminiscent of the jaman belanda (the Dutch era)… a whole panoply of humanity – and we are also proudly featured in many travel guidebooks, including the famed Lonely Planet Guide, whose Restaurants Section describes us as follows: “Ya Udah is a popular, airy hang-out serving breakfasts, Western dishes and even a wide selection of pies. In the heart of Jl Jaksa, it goes out of its way to compete with its rivals.”

First let us hasten to remind our readers that we are no longer on Jl. Jaksa, where a monstrous construction project is rising into the sky over the old Ya-Udah site.

Then there is another important aspect of Ya-Udah which must be stressed: our food is prepared hygienically, from hygienic ingredients, and served in style as clean as that encountered in any comparable establishment in Western countries.

Hygiene is particularly critical when dealing with meat dishes; our meats, including home-made sausages, are prepared under strictly hygienic standards, with no MSG or preservatives added to them. They are kept refrigerated and served promptly and well-cooked.

Ya-Udah breads and pastries are similarly crafted from fine, clean ingredients: you can rest assured that all the food you are served will nourish you and maintain your health during your stay in Jakarta.

Home-Made Breads

Home-Made Meats

Home-Made Sausages

All employees of Ya-Udah are implored to follow the strictest hygiene standards regarding hand-washing,
clean uniforms, cleaning of utensils and appliances, selection of ingredients – OR ELSE!!

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