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Order & Reservation Policy

“Laws are like sausages: it is better not to see them being made.”

Otto von Bismarck


But not any more. We prefer that since it’s your own food, well, why don’t you drop by and pick up your order and deliver it to yourself? It is true that Ya-Udah once had a Delivery Service, via becak, kerbau (waterbuffalo)  and slow boat to Bogor. We have in past ages delivered tasty Ya-Udah food to vaunted sites far-flung and renowned. We have delivered sausage to the North Pole and Carbonara Spaghetti to the South. We delivered cole slaw to Newcastle and Hamburgers to Hamburg.

Today, with Jakarta the way it is, we would have to charge you thirty-eight thousand dollars for the helicopter that would deliver our tasty food hot.
No, seriously, if you have a large-scale Special Event, and you would like us to cater it, then kindly contact us via our usual numbers and we’ll be glad to oblige. Otherwise you’re welcome to just drop by. Before you come you might wish to make


Ya-Udah is getting really popular now that the masses of Jakarta food lovers have discovered our new location, so it might be a good idea to phone ahead and reserve a table or four for your party. Usually it’s no problem to accommodate single diners or a couple, but give us a call if the whole gang wants to come.

If you are intent on ordering a dish that takes ages to prepare then give a call to “pre-order”. Roast Chicken is delicious but people complain they’re dying of hunger waiting to get it. We tell them “Slow food is better food!” but by then they’ve passed away from malnutrition and can’t hear us.

Give a call ahead of time so we can send out a couple of the girls with meat cleavers and a net to chase the chicken, corner it like a dangerous gangster, do a ritual slaughtering with an appropriate festive dance and ceremony, dress the dear departed fowl, rush the meat to the kitchen and then sit around and watch it roast, s-l-o-w-l-y. That yields the most delicious results imaginable. But it does take time. So order from home and show up just as the magnificent aroma is curling around Ya-Udah, and it’s ready to go.


If you don’t choose to join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner on the premises, then we suggest you choose from our stalwart and varied Menu.

Here below you may peruse this delightful document: don’t be surprised if your mouth starts to water (avoid trying to iEat via the internet, however. You might get an unpleasant shock.

Takeaway is quick & easy, so you can enjoy Ya-Udah cuisine in the  comfort of your own home. Better yet come by and eat with us. We like company!


Something out of the ordinary on your mind? Some culinary delight you’d like us to whip up? Give a call or drop by and we’ll work something out. We are creative and we do improvise.

Call: +62 21 314 0343

You can order by telephone (Bahasa Indonesia or English only, please), or click here to send request using our contact form.

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