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The Infinite Arrogance of Coca Cola

June 26, 2022 10:23 pm Published by

Talk about a “world brand”. Nothing confirms the power of branding around the globe than Coke, the one drink you’ll get everywhere. Others have come and gone. Others attempt to duplicate the great success of Coca Cola, presumably without adding cocaine to it, as John Pemberton, its inventor, did in 1885.

Please consider for a moment how major brands have a responsibility to their sellers, and to the public that purchases their products. They are supposed to give the consumer a fair deal. Then how comes these arrogant lords of commerce have squeezed Indonesian business  and cheated the consumer, by clever repackaging?

Here’s how Coca Cola is scamming you, dear Coca Cola lover: welcome the premiere of Cola Zero! It takes the place of Diet Cola. Cola Zero was packaged in 330 ml cans, and presumably making a big profit for the manufacturer. Greedy bastards they are, as without any notice or explanation, Coca Cola now slimmed down the can, so you only get 250 ml. So has Coca Cola they cut the price accordingly for the smaller version? Yes: but hold onto your hat. The drink is a mere 6.5 % cheaper. Faithful consumer: you are being cheated, big time.

Now Ya Udah Bistro, as a responsible retail business, has decided to respond to this outrageous swindle by refraining from offering this product any longer. Let them drink it themselves. It is a vile scheme and swindle on millions of faithful consumers, to up the profits of a vastly wealthy company.

We are spreading the word through social media, to let this crooked brand know what we think of their policy.

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