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Our Policy

Our Smoking Policy

For smokers, we salute you: SMOKE! For non-smokers, please: NON-SMOKE!

We all get along as Ya-Udah is a classic indoor-outdoor restaurant, with a brace of ceiling fans to keep the delightful Jakarta air well-stirred. Smokers can carry on happily, without disturbing the non-smokers, who are in fact advised that if they are really serious about protecting their lungs from the dangerous effects of tobacco smoke, replete with poisons and carcinogens, that they pursue this line of logic to its natural end and refrain from breathing the air of Indonesia’s busy capital as well. Jakarta air is, one could argue, considerably more trying to the lungs than a few puffs of the heavenly weed.

Bistro’s Ten Commandments


  • No Drugs
  • No Credit
  • No Liquor
  • No Abuse
  • No Fighting
  • No Animals
  • No Weapons
  • No Gambling
  • No Outside Food
  • No Outside Drink


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