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Not das Oktoberfest, but Welcome to: The Ya Udah Bistro Jakarta Autumn Festival

October 10, 2017 4:39 pm Published by

Germany’s famed celebration of life with food – drink – music – good company, most prominently in Munich, capital of the State of Bavaria.

No, this notice is NOT about Das Oktoberfest, but the next-best-event to it. Welcome to the :

Now you might object: “Indonesia has no ‘Autumn’. There’s no ‘Autumn’ in the tropics.
Ah, more reason to celebrate, reminding us with a blanket of nostalgia of our homelands in the temperate countries: ‘Autumn in Canada’… ‘Autumn in Switzerland’… ‘Autumn in Japan’…
Wise Indonesian travelers often choose to fly to northern climes in October, enjoying the pleasantly warm days and cool evenings, the change of color sweeping the forests. Delight of the Fall, before Winter sets in.
We welcome you to our Euro-themed restaurant, ‘…Where Respectable People Gather…’ for special dishes celebrating the advent of Autumn:

The Butcher’s Plate | The Frankfurter | The Bavarian Leberknoedel und Weisswurst Soup | Fleischkloesschen in Cream Sauce | Bavarian Liverwurst  | The famous Bavarian spicy chili Fleischwurst

Our ‘NOT THE OKTOBERFEST’ events premiere on Friday the 13th – but do not let any superstition dissuade you from dropping by the Yaudah Bistro, eternally in Jakarta, now in Jogjakarta as well. Fun for all, in our pleasant natural-air environment.

Smokers welcome, as always! Puff up on your German pipe or cigar.
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Non-Smokers! We salute you as well! Drop in eat & drink, and NON-SMOKE to your heart’s content.

As ever, we are open seven days a week, with extended hours.
Celebrate life! Welcome Autumn! Do it like the Europeans!


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