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Our New Home-Made German Beers

September 7, 2017 5:11 pm Published by

Presenting Prost & König Ludwig Weissbier

Thanks to the Dutch the Indonesians know how to bake Black Forest cake and fry up bitterballen.

They can also brew beer with the best. Now two new brands have foamed up to spread woozy delight over the Nusantara Indonesia  – and YaUdah Bistro wishes to officially welcome them!

Now the Zulu say ‘Akubekuhle!’ and the Albanians toast you with ‘Gzuar!’ while frigid Aleut salute you with ‘Qaĝanaazax̂’ and alcohol-imbibing Arabs say في صحتكم!(pronounced ‘fee saḥitkum’).
Drink up with the Afrikaans and you’ll hear ‘Gesondheid!’ whereas tippling Assamese will greet you and clink your glass with সুস্বাস্থ্যৰবাবে! (xuswasthyôr babe!).

In whatever language you like it, beer is friendly, sociable and only gently intoxicating. Prost, brewed right here in Indonesia, is now offered at YaUdah Bistro for Rp 28’000 for a 330 ml and 48’000 for a 620 ml bottle.

A fine accompaniment to a fine meal.

‘…as crazy as a rat in a coffee can…’ as someone once remarked uncharitably about the amazing Imelda Marcos – and that was King Ludwig of Bavaria. He was a gay blade and enjoyed life to its fullest (as much as a crazy king can enjoy anything). In his honour a local Indonesian brewer now crafts a delicious ‘white beer’ – actually a ‘wheat beer’, a top-fermented ale, brewed with a large proportion of wheat, relative to the percentage of malted barley.

Refreshing and delightful and the price is right too, at just Rp 78’000 for a 500 ml bottle.

Here’s a toast to the mad King Ludwig!

Here’s Neuschwanstein, the castle ‘Mad King Ludwig’ built with the peasants’ contribution. Be sure to visit it when you are in Bavaria.

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