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Pork Knuckle Attack! Delicious Blitzkrieg! Run for your life!

November 30, 2017 6:02 pm Published by

No no no no that’s not precisely correct there all you rambunctious Ya Udah Bistro pork lovers. It’s actually a fresh invitation:hurry around and zoom by if you want to partake of this succulent special, now aroused once more for our faithful patrons! Ya Udah Bistro, famed for its European meat delicacies, is in Pork Knuckle Special Attack Mode once again.

It’s a HARD WORLD out there. Drop by, knuckle under and calm down.

Humans are hard and violent. Oh you didn’t know that? First time you ever heard of such a thing? Sorry to shatter your innocence. The knuckles of an angry man or frisky lady are often delivered in contact sports (although traditionally the slap is preferred, particularly by refined ladies showing their displeasure or annoyance):

Now the Irish (who else?) practice bare-knuckle boxing, and that’s a thrill to observe (though rather unpleasant to be on the receiving end.

To enhance the effect one may also choose to adorn oneself with a jewelry accessory known as ‘brass knuckles’ or more delightfully a ‘knuckle-duster’:

PIGGY however, is more peaceable.


He is no longer in a position to resist temptation. He has met the sharp knife of destiny and knuckled under. He has passed into the great beyond, flying to Piggy Paradise.

  • Succulent Pork Knuckles, slowly and carefully roasted and basted…

  • You want 2 Side Dishes?

  • You want 2 Servings of Ya Udah Cabbage Salad?

Well get yourself in gear and get down to the Bistro real quick, because this plummy porcine piquant pork plate is once again our featured premiere dish, in both Yogyakarta and Jakarta restaurants, famed for fine dining:

Starting 1 December 2017

…and remember you do not just get the porker: as you dine away in the Bistro, Ya Udah will prepare a COMPLEMENTARY TAKEAWAY for those hungry folks back home:

1 Roast Chicken, packed for takeaway at no extra charge

Be sure to phone in your order to Ya Udah at least 2 hours beforehand, so we can marshal our stout forces of butchers, chase down the squealing oinker around the farmyard, slice him up and dress him out for your great pork meal, ready for when your hungry party arrives.

Piggy Pork Knuckles will make you full, happy and healthy. No need to bare your knuckles any longer.

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