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Happy Ramadhan

May 16, 2018 6:19 am Published by

As once again the Holy Islamic Month of Fasting, or Ramadhan, approaches, from one and all at Ya Udah Bistro, we send out greetings to our valued Muslim clientele, with sincere hopes that they will once again endure and benefit from the experience.

The occasion of Idul Fitri and Lebaran, the Islamic New Year’s Day, is a time of joy and ­gathering with loved ones, families and friends to enjoy the first day of the new year, while praying to Allah to bless them and bring the best for the coming year.

A Peerless, Flawless Islamic New Year to You…

…is our heartfelt greeting. On the occasion of 1439 H, we send out our sincere thanks for your steady patronage and kind support. Through the years, the Bistro can report to our stalwart customers that we are still here and flourishing – having marked a modestly prosperous year.

We are open NON-STOP…

…through thick and thin, serving our valued patrons at regular hours all during the fasting month and Islamic New Year’s holiday season.
Drop by and say hello, toast your colleagues and share a feast, enjoy the standard delicious, hygienic and right-priced fare at Ya Udah Bistro, in the heart of old Menteng. We will welcome you with cheer and friendliness, and serve you the very best, maybe a bit slowly, maybe get the wrong item once in a while, maybe suffer a bit from all the street noise and hubbub, but just bear with us.

The experience will be worth it.

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