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August 16, 2017 5:39 pm Published by

Not simply the ‘call to independence’ – this is actually how Indonesian freedom fighters greeted one another when they met. Not ‘Hello’ but ‘Freedom’!

‘MERDEKA!’ was the keyword, and all rejoiced when the Dutch got the message and went home to the old country. Today we welcome the Japanese as visitors and business partners but not as invaders. We send greetings to all our neighboring countries and expect to receive their respect and appreciation in return.

All staff and management of Ya Udah Bistro, in Jakarta and now in Jogjakarta, send out happy salutations on this, the 72nd birthday of the Republic of Indonesia, fifth-most-populous nation in the world.

Our unique European and Asian dining enterprise has prospered over the last four decades and we have achieved a great reputation because the peace and stability of this nation has allowed Ya Udah Bistro to serve thousands of patrons.

Indonesia is an optimistic, hopeful nation, populated by a people who truly enjoy life. We thank you for allowing us to share our time here with you.

We convey our Very Best Wishes
for a Vigorous & Exciting
2017 Independence Day Celebration

Sincere thanks for your steady patronage over the years, even though we have reluctantly had to surrender and raise prices several times – thus maintaining our famed hygiene and quality. You know you get the finest, freshest, most hygienic and authentic European and Asian fare when you dine at Ya Udah Bistro, either in Jakarta or Jogjakarta.

We’ll be happy to host your large Independence Day party or intimate gathering, with our usual sharp service, tasty cuisine and fine array of drinks for all the family. Don’t forget our excellent Take-away Service as well, if you would like to eat at home. Note that for some dishes you should phone ahead a couple of hours, to give us time to prepare.

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